Tuesday, June 29, 2010

How I Feel About Rainbows

I'm very proud to introduce my 9 year old daughter, LeBella, to ya'll! She wants to share with everyone what it's like to be a child with Bipolar Disorder. We relate the many moods and feelings she experiences to all the colors of the rainbow. For her first post she wants to share her rainbow of feelings......
Red feels like a mad color. Some things that make me mad are: when my brothers take stuff from me, when I can't find something I want, when I mess up drawing pictures. When I'm mad I lay in my bed and cry, I break things (but I always feel bad later).
Green feels like a happy color. Some things that make me happy are: when my daddy gives me candy and ice cream, when my family gives me love, making friends. When I'm happy I smile and I'm nice.
Blue feels like a sad color. Some things that make me sad are: when someone yells at me or uses a very serious voice, sad books, driving pass graveyards, looking a pictures from Haiti, dead fish in the tanks at Walmart. When I'm sad I cry, my heart feels heavy in my chest, I have a hard time breathing.
Yellow feels like an excited color! Some things that make me excited are: My Pajama Project (more info later), getting ready for our Big Move, reading! When I'm excited I talk really, really fast, I'm real fidgety and bounce all around!
The color purple feels like a calm color. Some things that make me feel calm are sitting with a book, taking a shower, enjoying nature, and music. When I'm calm I take deep breathes and I can think better.

**How do you feel today?**

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