Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Since I got off of one of my medicine I felt happy. I felt so happy that I could cry. My medicine is helping my brain. My meds makes me sleep. What do you think? I eat too much yum! I have a dog his name is shadow. He is tan-ish. He is a pitbull. Is he not? Well, it was a long time ago daddy’s friend came with a dog. He said we could have him. I thought he was a girl, but now I know he is a boy. He is furry like a wolf. I love him. He is cool. He can jump really high. Can you jump really high? The end .
I am doing a pajama project. It is called: “Sweet Dreams, Pajamas4Patients”. It is about caring and helping kids in the hospitals. Because they have bipolar disorder like me! Do you have it like me? Kids like me and you are bad and good. Are you both? Wow, wow! Sometimes I am bad because I have too much stuff in my brain and I make bad choices. Sometime I am good because I give hugs and kisses and play nicely. Do you play nicely?
Dear Children in the Hospital,
I am collecting and pajamas and blankets for you! I love helping people kids and adults plus teen agrees. Long ago there was a girl named Jasmeen she was bipolar she was very, very sad because she had no body to play with. She was very lonely and sad. She is funny. She is nice and shy. She is mommyish. She Is ME!! Thank you!