Saturday, November 27, 2010

My Best Friend has Cancer

Hi Bloggers: C is my best friend. We are best friends because we are nice to each other and we have the same color hair. We met in 1st grade but I moved. Then this year in 4th grade we were in the same class together. C was in my special class because she has cancer. I feel sad that she has cancer. When she gets sick I get scared that something bad might happen. I miss her because she is in school and I do home schooling. She will be home schooling soon too because she will be starting chemo therapy. It might make her hair fall out. I will cheer her up by singing her songs and writing her nice letters. I will visit her and see how she is doing. I don't care if her hair falls out because I am her best friend.
In first grade we always went on the monkey bars together and we always talked together.
She wrote me a letter and it said"I miss you J". And I wrote her a letter back, it said "I miss you too, C."
Readers, will you say a prayer for my friend C? Please ask God to help my friend, keep her from being scared and help her get better.

Mommylebron here: The words above are directly from LeBella. If you are one of my followers you may remember the post I wrote about this. I am glad that I encouraged the friendship to grow and pray that C makes a full recovery and these little girls can grow up together in the way BFF's should.