Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Blog Bash '10

My name is LeBella (well that's my blog name). I take medicine because my brain needs some extra stuff (LeBella has Bipolar Disorder). I have two brothers sometimes make me feel claustrophobic and mad. I love my Mommy and Daddy. I love to tell stories. I'm planning a Pajama Project. I will be collecting pajama sets for kids at the local children's hospital. I'm calling my "Pajama Project". I like dolphins, and lizards, and frogs. I am going into 4th grade this year and I'm so excited and happy because I was supposed to repeat 3rd grade but my FCAT scores were very high!

1. Why do you blog?
Because it is fun and easy. And because I want to help moms understand their kids who have bipolar disorder like me.
2. What do you blog about?
I blog about my feelings and my family. I plan to blog about my life and school.
3. What do you find to be the biggest reward you get from blogging?
I get to spend time with Mommy at the library.
4. How long have you been blogging?
This is my third week.
5. Let's hear the story behind your title.
Because colors and feelings go together, I have a lot of feelings, they make a rainbow.

Blog Bash

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I wanna be a Princess

My friends A and M have dress-up clothes that are princess dresses and Halloween dresses. I wanted those dresses when I saw them in Walmart. I couldn't get them because they were too small. I'm too big because my medicine makes me eat too much. My mommy tried to help me not eat too much but I would sneak food when she was sleeping. I wouldn't think if was bad or not til I finished then I felt bad. I felt sad that I could not wear the dress-up dresses, and that my friends could so ripped one of them so they couldn't wear it. It felt more fair that way. Later I felt bad. I talked to mommy and I know tearing m,y friends dress wasn't nice and it's not their fault the dress didn't fit.
Now I'm losing weight cuz I stopped taking one of medicines. I had too stop it because it wanted to make trouble for my liver. I feel happy, happy, happy that I'm losing weight. Mommy is nervous that I'm losing to much fastly. Now she makes me eat stuff!
I try to eat healthy foods every day.
My mommy and daddy call me "princess" everyday...but I still want the dresses....

These are LeBella's words. I give her whatever support she asks of me but I do not rewrite her words. By allowing her to tell you her story I am learning more and more how my daughter's mind processes everything she deals with. This knowledge is invaluable in helping her cope with Bipolar Disorder. This blog is also a strong representation of LeBella's progress. For a very long time she was ashamed of her disorder. She would hide from company while taking her meds and would shush me, red faced when I would take about anything bipolar related to others. Now she is ready to share with the world. It's a very big deal!
If you or a friend would like more information on pediatric bipolar disorder please visit my support group site at www.mykidsbipolarnowwhat.com.