Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Book Review: Dork Diaries

What is the main idea:
The main idea is that Nikki is being bulled by other girls. The girls trip her and make her spill her spaghetti on herself at lunch. They whisper about her and do things to embarrass her. Later she makes two friends and they make tattoos for everyone and people start to like her and stop bullying her.
My favorite part was:
When she made the tattoos for everybody in school with her friends Chloe and Zoe. I also liked the end when she gets the boyfriend she was crushing on.

How was the book :
The book was very very good and it teaches lessons about bullying.
How it made me feel:
It made me excited  to read it. There parts that were funny and also parts that were sad. It made me think about bullying. I was thinking about how mean the girls were being and what else could happen. It made me think about the time I was bullied.

My mom says if you or one of your friends is being bullied you should tell a grownup that you trust. You can also visit StopBullying.org for help and information.

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