Monday, April 11, 2011

My New Friend M and Me

On Saturday and Sunday my friend M slept over:

It was fun having a sleepover with my friend M!

On Saturday we had homemade pizza for dinner.

We played with baby dolls.

We went out back and jumproped.

It was so much fun having her over for a day and a half!


  1. Shes as cute as you are! I love having friends come visit and spend time with me. My daughter loves when her friend comes over too...they giggle...A LOT!

    Now Im hungry for pizza!

  2. I just had a friend stay for a sleep-over! It's so much fun, isn't it?
    You are both beautiful girls!!
    Enjoy one another :)

  3. Thank you Chrissy she is a cutie. Hey we giggled a lot to. the pizza was good yummy actually dilishes if your talking to me!!

  4. Thank you the crazy rambler. yes it was so much fun to me oh i did enjoy M sleeping over!!

  5. so sweet! looks like you girls had a great time. love the blog...keep up the great work!